About Wendy

“Asking your husband to be your sole guide through labor is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest. He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the Himalayas you’d both be a lot better off with a Sherpa!”
– Pam England

I became a doula because of my own birthing experiences. Despite having family support, I felt like there was nobody there for me.

My partner was there because he was supposed to be. My mother was there because she wanted to see the birth of her grand-baby. The nurse was there to monitor the medical well-being of the baby and myself. The doctor was there to…well, I’m not sure, he was only there for 10 mins to catch the baby. There was nobody there fully supporting me.

In the medical system, birth is just another procedure. The emotional needs, and to a large degree the comfort of the mother, are not really a large consideration.

That’s the short version of why I became a doula. There is just so much more to it than that though so please feel free to contact me to discuss all things birth. Trust me, I can talk about this stuff all day long!

I was a volunteer doula for approximately four years. I was blessed to be able to meet dozens of beautiful women and couples from all different socio-economic classes.

And, you know what?
At the end of the day, we all want to feel supported and respected.

Over my years as a doula, I have supported women and families during adoption births, abortions, miscarriages and stillbirth.

Life is not always a journey up the easiest paths of the mountain but hopefully you can find some comfort along the way.

I am proud of the training I have received in trauma informed care, advocacy and communication.

I am located 15 mins away from the IWK.

Birth, babies and beyond,