Are We a Match?

Before we commit…are we right for each other?

Is a Doula right for me?

~ Do I want someone by my side who’s there just for me (and partner…but mostly me), who’s independent of the hospital and medical system, who knows my plan and my fears/concerns/wishes?

~ Do I want extra support by my side while I cope with pain, who can hold my hand, rub my back and offer suggestions on positions to help reduce pain?

~ Do I like having someone by my side who can help me communicate my goals and who understands that sometimes goals change, even mid-labour?

~ Do I like the idea of having someone with labour experience at the tip of my fingers via text, email and phone for any questions that may pop up during the later stages of my pregnancy?

~ Do I like the idea of having someone with practical birth knowledge and experience who can quickly locate the wash clothes, juice and extra blankets without having to send my partner on a search?

~ Do I like having support when making all the very important decisions that can often arise during labour and delivery?

Am I right for you?

One of the most important part of having successful experience with your doula is whether or not you are the right fit for each other. At the end of the day, with the greatest intentions, personalities do not always jive.

That’s why it is best to meet, face-to-face, with your potential doula(s) prior to making your final decision.

Here’s a quick list of my endearing qualities that may help you in your decision for choosing me as your doula:

~ I am a mother of two teenagers – I am fluent in sarcasm and swear words. Sometimes that comes in handy during labour. You will never have to worry about offending me.

~ I am rarely more than five feet away from my phone – I am here for you and your partner. You can contact me 24/7 with questions, concerns, comments, random funny jokes (just because I like those).

~ As your doula, I understand the random anxieties that may pop up towards your due date and am always happy to chat or text anytime you reach out to me.

~ I am flexible, easy going and non-judgmental in whatever choices you feel work best for YOU and YOUR baby. I don’t care what your sister did or what your best friend tells you is important. I care about what YOU think is important. A benefit to having a doula is being supported by someone who is able to adapt to changing needs that often occur during birth.

~ I have a deep understanding of the emotional rollercoaster of birth, people, family dynamics. Life is messy. I get that.

~ I have attended drug-free, some-drugs, and lots-of-drugs births. I have been there for plenty of epidurals and caesarean births. I am a full spectrum doula that will support you during which ever decisions that need to be made.

~ I have been a doula for 7+ years – I have a wide array of experiences. I do not claim to have “seen it all”…but I have seen quite a bit…and yes, they really all do look pretty much the same.

Are you right for me?

~ Are you interested in learning about birth?
~ Can you poke fun at life?
~ Are you open-minded and realistic?

If you can say yes to any of the above then we will get along just fine.

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Pick a comfy coffee shop, the library or any location of your choosing within the Halifax/HRM area, and let’s chat birth!