I finally understand why I find it so hard to blog in the summer….lack of inspiration AKA the kids aren’t here to drive me wildly cuckoo mad.

This conversation just occurred:

Wendy: Jeremy, the school called and said you had detention for forgetting your gym clothes AGAIN. (One week into school…shoot me now)
Jeremy: yeah
Wendy: Well…what happened?
Jeremy: I didn’t have a kitbag here.
Wendy: You could have used a sobeys bag.
Jeremy: Uh…I don’t want to have to DRAG around a sobeys bag.
Wendy: Wouldn’t that be easier than having detention?
Jeremy: It wasn’t detention, it was study hall.
Wendy: OK…well was it worth an hour of your time in STUDY HALL?!?!
Jeremy: It was 45 mins.
Wendy: WAS IT WORTH IT?!?!
Jeremy: Yes.
Riddle me that?

Teenagers are annoying.