For the first weeks, please respect our privacy and sleep requirements.
Understand that you may not agree with all our parenting choices but it’s not you raising them so it’s okay.
Come for a visit, with food, but only when invited.
Keep reminding yourself that unsolicited advice is not necessary.

Only with permission is it okay to post photos or baby information, it sucks when you steal our thunder.
Family and friends do not get automatic passes to overstep boundaries, even though you think we’re not, we really are talking to you.
Forgive us for being distracted, we are too busy loving our baby.

Feel free to send us well wishes, but please don’t get upset if we don’t respond right away.
Offer lots of love and support, unconditionally.
Remember to wash your hands before holding the baby and no kisses on the lips.

Not staying too long is also appreciated.
Only healthy visitors please, sniffles and fevers are not what we need right now.
We appreciate that so much!

Parenting is hard. We’d love some help.
Leave the place cleaner than when you arrived.
Each load of laundry you help with is more time spent with our baby.
Always hand them back if they are hungry…my boobs will thank you.
Seeing a boob is a given.
Everyone who helps us fulfill these wishes are awesome!