Tonight is one of those nights for a good cry. I sit here, listening to Miley Cyrus (whatever), and I’m bawling.

It’s one of those night where I’m missing my friends who live so damn far away now. It’s the sadness of missing my boyfriend after two whole nights apart (I know, shut up). It’s the nighttime darkness. The mornings of gloom. Anxiety creeps in over back-to-school routines. Money issues. Those never end, blood sucking, mother fucking, money issues.

Did I mention the car and the fridge with one wheel in the grave? More sad music plays in the background, because why not torture myself more. Maybe I had some wine. (whatever) I might be a tad overwhelmed with work. I am lacking sleep. So I cry.

It’s the climb up the proverbial never ending mountain. Just when I think I’ve reached the peak, there’s a mudslide. Tomorrow I get up and start over with a new day. A new day with the same frustrations, the same sadness and the same stresses. But with a release of emotions that somehow makes it feel like I’ll be able to handle it all. I will lace up my hiking boots and start the new trek to the top.

Now, back to Miley…

~ Wendy ~