Evidence Based Research

When it doubt, check it out…

It seems like I spend a lot of time calming parents over topics they’ve seen online. You know the one…the fear-mongering “YOUR BABY WILL BE DOOMED IF YOU DO/DON’T...” posts.

Whether it’s about the size or position of baby, due dates, GBS status,, pain management, tearing…the list goes on…it’s always from a place of fear. Typically, the conversation starts with “my friend said…” and then it smacks you right in the face… “my vagina will blow apart if I get an epidural”.
Whoa. Let’s slow this train of doom down a bit.

Whoa. Let’s slow this train of doom down a bit.

Can epidurals be amazing? Yes. Can epidurals be horrible? Yes. Can they be somewhere in the middle? Yes. Is your story her story and her story your story? No.

There are so many variations of birth. No right or wrong. There’s only what works best for you, in your birth, in your local hospital (or house). Every hospital has a set policy, but that’s their policy. Not your policy. Every pro has a con. Every situation has a different outcome, no matter how similar they may seem.

If I could offer a pro-tip – do your research.

Not via a Facebook pregnancy or birth group, but via legitimate sites that are evidence based. Social media groups can be amazing for pointing you in the right direction but they should never be your sole source for information. There’s a birth site called “Evidence Based Birth” that has studies that go beyond “my friend said so”.

Whether it’s pregnancy, birth, or even your daily-life stuff be mindful of where you gather your facts. Are there studies you can read? Are the sources legitimate? Are there hidden motives or agendas? Can you google the writer of the article to see their stance on the subject? When in doubt, check it out, via respected source. You’ll likely find that you lose a bit of fear as you do more and more of your own research.